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The Inspired BodyLLC is run by Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Pilates Instructor, Certified Yoga Teacher and Dancer/Choreographer, Tracy (Tess) Pattison, MFA.

Pattison offer Massage, Private and Group Pilates-based training on Pilates Apparatus and Mats with Props, Yoga classes, Dance classes, Feedback Opportunities for Choreographers and occasionally produces Dance Concerts. The common focus is on the bliss of living in the human body through healthy, age-defying, pain-banishing dynamic posture and has been inspired by a lifetime of study in dance, somatic practices, and body therapies. Clients and students range from seasoned athletes, musicians and dancers, individuals recovering from pregnancy, accidents, injuries, and surgery, men and women of all ages, with and without physical and developmental disabilities, including those who are simply seeking a way to move joyfully through the activities of daily living at any stage of life. 


Personal Statement

"The Inspired Body has grown out of my personal philosophy that the physical body can be a blissful place to spend one's life. I first came to Pilates, Yoga and Bodywork as a Professional Dancer. I am sure that my own practice of the Pilates Method, Yoga, and receiving Professional Bodywork have both extended my career and carried me through times of injury. Yoga has given me tools to manage the mental stressors of my profession and helped me become a more compassionate person. The synthesis of my experiences has sharpened my eye for assessment and movement analysis. I have an innate ability to empathically feel what my clients are experiencing in both movement and treatment. This allows me to work as a partner in the pursuit of blissful physical living. I believe the body, through movement and manual techniques, can be inspired to this bliss!" -Tracy (Tess) Pattison